There are actually a lot of app stores, but most users with Android devices still prefer to use the pre-installed Google Play Market, so as not to look for something else. However, some still have a desire to see what other stores the app market offers. And for those who especially often turn to hacked versions of applications, you should definitely download AC Market for Android. App Overview Patched versions of programs and games do not get into Google Play according to the established terms of use. But sometimes the usual versions of apps and games disappear from this store, even those that were very popular with users. But you do not need to despair in these cases, because you can download AC Market for free and get access not only to games and programs removed from the Play Market, but also to their modified versions. Downloading them from a centralized store will be even safer than searching for apk files in the depths of the Internet. Opportunities Download AC Market for Android for free for the sake of: A simple and user-friendly interface. The ability to download APK files directly from the store, and not from third-party sources. A detailed catalog of modified games and applications with descriptions and a system of user ratings. Daily database updates. A security system that checks all programs downloaded by developers. Convenient filters for easier search. There are many categories, so you can find full versions and mods even for little-known programs and games. The catalog is constantly updated, so you should keep an eye on updates. Disadvantages, of course, are also found — sometimes application versions may not have time to replace them with new ones, and occasionally there are security problems with some games and applications. But finding the danger is not so easy, and the antivirus will immediately react to infected files, so you don't have to worry about it. ACMarket app for android is definitely worth it to try it out in finding the perfect store APK. Maybe you don't want to go back to Google Play.