AUTO UPGRADES was launched to make cutting edge car tuning Auckland available to everyone. Only the best is good enough! The car definitely gives an upgrade in the image that your car is trying to project. The exterior and interior of each car is of top quality. The cars are known for their sleek style and class. The car performances are electrifying, and the car tuning auckland and responses are accurate and perfect. At Auto Upgrades, we can tune your car, so it delivers the levels of performance you want. This includes if you want more power and torque or if you want better responsiveness when you press the accelerator. We also offer eco tuning to reduce your car's fuel consumption and save you money. All our car tuning services are delivered by our experienced, Auckland-based team. That experience includes all makes and models of car including European, American, and Japanese brands. Most cars don't perform at their full capabilities when they roll out of the car showroom. Our performance tuning service is the ideal solution if you are in the Auckland area. Your car should get a ecu tuning, or significant service. This is probably the best precautionary servicing tip a car owner could get. The elements of an excellent tune-up will examine into and substitute all the factors that cause regular deterioration on your car. If tune-ups are skipped, this could cause harm and further issues that price a lot more than a tune-up. Moreover, tune-ups can provide you with better gas mileage. It’s hard to believe, but your car doesn’t run as economically as it could when it is running a factory default tune. Not only that, the older it is and the more you drive it, the less economical it will become. You can fix this with our eco tuning service. This service will reduce fuel consumption letting you go further for less. You can even get an eco-tune at the same time as getting a performance tune. That’s right – more power and torque with better fuel economy. Find out more. BMW tuning Auckland has the ability to increase fuel efficiency. Classy, but cool and incredibly stylish BMW accessories not only describe you but also upgrade your style statement. BMW also manufactures wheels for your stylish and luxury cars. Wheels are consider as the most important or necessary part of your car you can’ even imagine or drive a car without wheels. BMW cars are among the best cars in the world for those who love to drive. They are powerful, balanced, responsive, and sharp, making them ideal for the commute home from work, picking the kids up from rugby training, or heading out on the open road at the weekend. BMW cars are not perfect, however, and even the sportiest models can be improved with expert tuning. This is what we offer at Auto Upgrades – expert tuning in Auckland for your BMW. What can you expect if you bring your car to us at Auto Upgrades for BMW tuning in Auckland? The answer depends on your exact model and the year of manufacture. That said, let’s look at the ever-popular BMW 3 Series as an example. If you have a 320i manufactured between 2011 and 2015, we can tune it to give you a 97HP increase in power and 121 Nm more of torque.