Karnoenergy itself knows that the transition from standard design to information modeling is fraught with a number of difficulties. First of all, it is the staff's unwillingness to change anything. In the field of design, this becomes a particularly acute problem. When switching to BIM, not just tools and programs change, but also the designer's thinking and way of life. Broader spatial thinking is acquired.  Implementing a new organizational structure for project management can take significantly longer than it might seem. When a project organization switches to using BIM technologies, it is necessary to create and include a new position in the structure - a BIM Manager. Such a person controls and manages all solutions implemented in the model, monitors the elimination of errors and coordinates the designers of different sections. So who is bim outsourcing BIM Manager - a person in the company responsible for the information modeling process within one or more projects. He is also often called a BIM coordinator, because the basis of his activity is: building coordination between team members, setting common goals for the team, its work in a single direction, setting up high-quality communications between developers of different sections. BIM Manager: ·        creates a BIM project execution plan, sets standards; ·        monitors the level of software proficiency of employees and sends them to additional training if it is insufficient; ·        checks the information model for compliance with the standards requirements; ·        during the project development process, it monitors compliance with the standard and the quality of work performed by all project participants; ·        coordinates the process of holding meetings on the current status of project work; ·        prepares jobs for employees working on a BIM project; ·        it is mandatory to archive the project and create backup copies of it. To perform these and smaller tasks, a BIM Manager must not only be a professional in the field of BIM technologies, but also have a number of personal qualities and high motivation.   Karnoenergy BIM managers will help you move to a new stage of development much faster, easier and with minimal loss of money. Our managers: ·        they have excellent knowledge of information modeling; ·        own the software used in BIM development; ·        they know how to effectively build a cloud infrastructure; ·        they perfectly understand how the work of a project organization is organized; ·        they understand how construction works and what it represents at each stage; ·        they are able to train employees and conduct electronic document management. There are also situations when a BIM Manager working on a project leaves the project due to certain circumstances and cannot be replaced. In this case, karnoenergy recommends using external bim outsourcing services resources in the form of our managers, who are able to get involved and effectively manage the project at any stage.