Sports betting Calculator Sports betting calculators are betting programs designed to make life easier for players, as they significantly save valuable time and increase the efficiency of cash turnover, which in turn can have a positive impact on increasing profitability. Below is a list of free betting calculator that allow you to quickly calculate different types of bets (express and systems), calculate the profitability of forks and gross bets, find out the optimal bet amount in various strategies, determine the bookmaker's margin and ROI( return on investment), convert the coefficients into different types. Online Betting Calculators: - Express trains - Systems - Forks - Dogon (Martingale) - Kelly Criterion - Valueless bids - Bookmaker's margins - Coefficient converter - ROI (ROI) These are the most popular sports betting calculators, which are often used by novice players, amateurs and professional bettors. For convenience, some of the counters are accompanied by formulas that can be used in MS Excel. System Rate Calculator The N of M system is a combined type of bet on all possible variants of express trains of the same size (N), based on the initially selected number of events (M). The winnings from the guessed express bets are added together and form the total amount of the system bet winnings. To calculate the system on the online calculator, follow two simple steps. 1st step Specify the dimension of the system (the number of outcomes in the express and the total number of events in the system, for example, 2 out of 3), as well as the amount of the bet. The maximum number of system events is 12, and the number of possible options is 924. 2nd step Specify the event coefficients and, if necessary, the expected result of the bets (by default, they are all winning). Fork Calculator The online fork calculator will help you independently determine a betting fork consisting of 2 or 3 different types of outcomes. How to use it: 1. Select the number of outcomes; 2. Specify the type of plug; 3. Enter the outcome coefficients; 4. Specify the total amount of money for the fork. Based on the above data, the calculator will display the presence or absence of a fork according to the yield and automatically calculate the optimal proportion for the outcomes of the fork. Dogon (Martingale) Calculator) A convenient online calculator for the Martingale strategy will allow you to determine the amount of the bet required to enter the plus to win back the previously lost money. To do this, you will need to specify: 1. The desired profit (net) to be won; 2. The amount of money that was lost during the catch-up cycle; 3. The coefficient of the event of interest, for example, 1.85. The form is filled in only with numbers, without currency signs, commas and spaces. Kelly Criterion Calculator Playing according to the Kelly criterion strategy, an indispensable assistant will be a special online tool-the Kelly criterion calculator, which will quickly calculate the optimal bet size (the exact amount and percentage of the game pot) for a certain event. For the calculation, specify: 1. Your probability estimate (percentage number, unsigned %); 2. The bookmaker's coefficient, for example, 1.95; 3. The size of the current game bank. Bookmaker's Margin Calculator You can easily and quickly calculate the bookmaker's margin in any sport, tournament and betting market (main and secondary) using the online bookmaker's commission calculator. All that is required of you: 1. Select the number of event outcomes (2 or 3); 2. Specify the coefficients of these outcomes. In addition to determining the margin, the calculator also calculates the percentage probability of outcomes (net and margin-adjusted) and displays the real coefficients (without the margin embedded in them). Bookmaker Odds Converter A convenient calculator for converting bookmaker quotes will help you convert the usual BC coefficients into unusual ones and vice versa. The coefficient converter supports 6 formats, the most popular Western (European, English and American) and less well-known Asian (Hong Kong, Malay and Indonesian). Specify the number of the coefficient of a certain format, and the converter will automatically calculate this value in other types of quotes. ROI Calculator (ROI) What is ROI-this is the English abbreviation of Return On Investment, an indicator of return on investment, in other words, the coefficient of return on investment, which can be used in various financial areas, including sports betting. The online ROI calculator (ROI) will allow you to calculate the return on investment from sports betting, showing what the average percentage of return a player receives from each bet. After getting the ROI value, you can understand the effectiveness of the player at a distance, for example, evaluate the work of a particular capper or check the productivity of your strategy. The ROI value will be the most correct for a large number of bets made, i.e. the more bets, the more accurate the ROI indicator will be. For example, if after 1000 bets the ROI is 5%, or even 2-3%, this will allow you to earn money confidently on bets and indicates a fairly high efficiency of the bettor.