1. avoid distractions and stay focused Yolanda Fite, editor at AustralianHelp, suggests the following: Do your proofreading in a quiet place that's free of distractions. Turn off your phone, remove yourself from social media, and turn off the TV. Put yourself in an environment where you're unlikely to be interrupted. Sometimes that might even mean logging off the internet altogether, printing out your document, closing your laptop, and working on it with a pen. It's also a good idea to have a clearly defined editing time and tool like https://editius.com/dissertation-formatting-service/ as opposed to editing on the go. When editing something on the go, you'll be constantly switching back and forth between modes, from writing to editing. Switching like that can be distracting and cause you to miss something. It's also easy to drift off and not fully concentrate while proofreading. If you lose your thoughts while editing, you need to find a https://editius.com/proofread-my-paper/ to refocus. You can't proofread well if you're only partially paying attention. You have to be very thorough when proofreading, because it's very easy to miss a mistake. Monitor yourself, and if you find that you are distracting yourself, it is important to review the section that you have proofread. Tap your foot or hand as you read each word to stay focused. Sometimes you just need to get up and stretch, get some fresh air, and come back a few minutes later. It's often tempting to just keep going until you're done, but the quality of your paper suffers when you're tired or distracted proofreading. Sometimes https://editius.com/thesis-formatting/ helps to take notes as you write so you stay in writing mode and don't get distracted and lose your flow or train of thought. It's much easier to come back later, look at the notes, and then correct them. 2. Be sure you have permission to use the material. Your blog can really benefit from including information from other people whose knowledge and opinions you respect. Just make sure it's okay before you use it to enhance your blog post. It should go without saying, but plagiarism is not okay. If you want to use someone else's material, you need to cite them as the original author or ask their permission if you're not sure.